Streets Ice Cream – Which one is your favourite?


primary-icon1837-611620This is where we at Streets kiss goodbye to everything serious and put a big ice cream smile on your face.


Streets Ice Cream Range


Golden Gaytime – An Australian Icon

Streets-Golden-Gaytime1837-611557The first Gaytime took Australia by storm in 1959, and it soon became a staple of the Swinging Sixties.

GoldenGaytime1837-611558But as Flower Power made way for flares and disco, a bright spark at Street’s Headquarters decided he could make Gaytime even more golden. The combination of a toffee and vanilla-flavoured centre, dipped in a scrumptious choc coating and covered in delicious biscuit pieces, has proved to be truly timeless.

No wonder it’s so hard to have a Gaytime on your own!

icon (3)1837-611487Streets MAGNUM

MAGNUM_IH_CLASSIC_Impulse_300x300px1837-611486We are the Pleasure Seekers.

And we live our lives to the fullest, indulging in pleasures big and small.

We at Magnum believe that is what makes life worth living, because we believe a day without pleasure is a day lost.


Streets Cornetto

Cornetto Logo1837-611538

Streets-Cornetto-Classic-Vanilla-Chocnut-Wrapped1837-611537Reveal bite after bite Cornetto creamy swirls of flowing decadent soft sauce and bits within a crunchy wafer cone, all the way down to the big choc tip.

Enjoy the ride, love the ending.

Cornetto Classic Vanilla, Cornetto Classic Chocolate,  Cornetto Red Velvet & Cornetto Strawberry Choc. (New: Gaytime)

Streets Splice

splice-logoStreets-Splice-Pine-Lime1837-611564First launched in the 1950s, Splice was the original fruit and vanilla split on a stick.

For decades it has brought Australians ‘the taste of summer’ with its delicious range of tangy fruit products, all made with real fruit juice.

The combination of creamy vanilla and refreshing fruit ice shell will delight your senses and take you away on a tropical escape.




Streets Calippo

Streets-Calippo-Raspberry-PIne1837-611574Streets Calippo is deliciously fruity & refreshing.

Next time you need to quench your thirst, why not go for a fresh & fruity Calippo – in a handy tube so great for on-the-go!

Calippo Raspberry Pineapple Minis,  Calippo Lemon, Calippo Lemon Minis,  Calippo Raspberry Pineapple, Calippo Raspberry Pineapple Minis,  Calippo Cola Lemonade, Calippo Cola Lemonade Minis

Streets Viennetta

Streets’ party classic.Viennetta-Logo1837-611616

No one can resist a Streets Viennetta, with layer upon layer of creamy ripples and choc delight.


Streets Bubble O’ Bill

logo_bubbleobill1837-614335Streets-Bubble1837-611611An Australian Icon!

Bubble O’ Bill is a classic blend of strawberry, chocolate and caramel ice confection, with a mega bubblegum nose, and a bullet hole through his hat.

Contains milk, gluten (wheat and barley), soy and sulphites. Made on machinery that also manufactures products which contain peanuts and tree nuts.


Streets Paddle Pop

Streets Paddle Pop believes in wholesome childhood fun.

We encourage families to enjoy the experience of eating ice cream together. We want each generation to grow up sharing happy moments with Streets Paddle Pop, just like their parents did. And with so many fun and delicious flavours, there’s something to keep everyone happy!

Blue Ribbon Logo1837-611623

Streets Blue Ribbon

Streets Blue Ribbon has been eaten by Australians since 1968 and is a delicious tub of reduced fat ice cream.

Its creamy buttermilk recipe has made Streets Blue Ribbon a family favourite, complementing any dessert or good enough to enjoy on its own.


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