We are committed to marketing great-tasting products. If you have any questions for us, please write to us at sales@seqicecream.com.au and we will be in touch.

Below is a list of Frequently asked questions. If these do not answer your query, please contact us.


What to do when a freezer breaks down?

For fridge repairs, call Kingloc on 1800 653 986.
Please note:
You will need the freezer serial number. This can be found on the ID plate attached to the external for the freezer. During your phone call to Kingloc, you will be required to give information about the fridge, which is all found on this ID plate.

Keep this number handy: Kingloc Freezer Repairs: 1800 653 986

Do I need an account with you before I can order online?

No – any enquiry you send our way will be personally looked after by our sales people and you will become a account holder in no time.

What is the smallest Quantities I can order?

Each product comes in a variety of packaging from the manufacturer. We supply our products in boxes and deliver to your shop. Please speak to your sales representative to supply you with minimum order quantities for the products you are interested in.



Can I get a Fridge for my Outlet?

We can arrange a fridge for your shop or Cafe to display our products. Please enquire with one of our sales representatives to see if you qualify.


We also supply ovens and more. Point of sale items. Enquire within.